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Simple Labs helps your brand or business enter the 21st Century economy. We work with early stage companies on digital strategy. We train organizations on communications, technology and brand strategy.



We are a digital agency with an education component. Need a website or brand strategy? Simple Labs can connect you with subject matter experts ready to build out your project or help you do it yourself.

Content Strategy

Need to set up a blog? Simple Labs has blog and communications experts that will get your site on track. We'll help you get your  content optimized for search, and build your brand's online presense

WordPress Consulting

WordPress is a popular website platform, known for its ease of use. Building WordPress sites since 2007, Simple Labs is a go-to resource on WordPress customization, optimization and training.

Business Building

Whether you need to rejuvinate an existing brand or are ready to get your first business off the ground, Simple Labs can help. We have street-cred in the Tech Startup scene and a proven track-record of business development.

Cooper, himself deeply embedded in the New York tech scene, gives practical and insightful advice... (teaching Speak the Language of Your Web-App Co-founder)

Forbes on Nate Cooper, Simple Labs Founder

Nate Cooper a dedicated, passionate teacher who is committed to helping you navigate technology, grow your business and question things critically.

Eventbrite on Nate Cooper, Simple Labs Founder

  • Nate was extremely patient and answered all of our questions in a clear manner.

    Shir, Student, Client

  • Nate’s session was eye-opening and thorough. It helped me to better focus efforts where needed on social media networks. George, Client
  • I am again satisfeid with what I can learn in an hour and a half . I always leave with clarification, and empowerment. He makes computer usage easy to understand and fun! Barbara, Student
  • Nate is brilliant, tremendously hard working, super friendly and very thoughtful. Tony, Colleague
  • Nate's a standup guy with a lot of great ideas, and the passion and skills to execute on them. Nate H, Colleague



Simple Labs is all about finding the right solutions for your business or brand. We're here to make sure the job gets done right. You need help, we'll not only complete the project but make sure you and your employees know exactly what's happening. We believe in training and holistic solutions, not short-cuts.

Simple Labs is here to help your brand or business.

We have trained professionals to help you with your website and your content strategy. We are experts in communication and have a stable of professionals waiting to help you with your brand or company.

With several decades of experience, we can help you build your brand and take your project to the next level. Are you ready to get your project off the ground?
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Content Strategy

  • WordPress Customization and Development
  • WordPress Training
  • Website Development
  • Communications Consulting
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Group Training
  • Corporate Training

Nate Cooper

Full-time nice guy. WordPress expert, blog strategist, writer, entrepreneur.


Nate is immersed in this field; and has been giving me smart and useful advice on blogging, Twitter, and Wordpress for years now. Nate is great at helping the non-techie (that would be me) understand how blogging and other social networking applies to me and my business.

Client testimonial

Nate was clear and concise. Organized. He made the topic fun and exciting. I was left with a better understanding of the workings of WordPress. I felt empowered to further develop my present website and create more websites. ... You’ll leave with a foundation and roadmap to get going!

Client testimonial

Subject Matter Experts


Simple Labs is dedicated to making business and technology more approachable

With several decades of experience, Simple Labs is a qualified leader.




Simple Labs digital agency has the collected work experience of all of our contacts many of whom have backgrounds at Fortune 500 companies including: Apple, TIME Inc, Mckinsey and many others.


We have done contract work for GAP, Time Inc and NBC Universal as well as hundreds of small businesses around New York City.




Simple Labs is Ready to help you.

Please contact us for private consulting, class availability or custom group training on WordPress, Blogging, Social Media or business. Simple Labs is a New York Based company with services world-wide. We provide services for companies large and small.